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Family owned Corpus Christi Steak and Seafood Restaurant

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Texas Flame a Corpus Christi Steakhouse is a family business. Our story starts in 1942 when Papa Louie left war-torn Greece in search for a better future for his family. Little did Papa Louie know that his family would impact Corpus Christi in more than one way. His son, Bill, opened The Astor in 1957, another Corpus Christi landmark.

As our family grew, so did our restaurants. Customers soon became loyal to the food and love put into it. Business was good. Tessie, Bill's sister, soon joined the family business.

In 1962, Louis Sissamis was born. Shortly after, his cousin Angelo Papakostas was born. The two became great friends and founded a new restaurant based on the prized steaks, home-style cooking and Greek hospitality his parents and grandparents were known for.

Today, the two cousins remain business partners and actively run The Texas Flame Steakhouse on S.P.I.D. in Corpus Christi, Texas. Throughout the years, the restaurant has gone through many changes, but never lost the support of their loyal customers. Angelo and Louis are proud of their Corpus Christi Steakhouse Restaurant’s award-winning food, welcoming environment and rich history.

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Sun - Thur: 11am - 10:00pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 11pm
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Louis Sissamis

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We’re always looking to hire capable chefs with an outgoing personality and a real passion for food. Please send your resume with the subject line "Job Applicant" to: